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Crime in the workplace: Fraud - Kristof Sallet

Various national and international studies show that a large majority of employers have encountered some form of fraud in the workplace in the recent past. This shows that confidence is undoubtedly good, but control becomes all the more necessary.

This work is directed at anyone who has encountered problems of fraud in the workplace. Real examples are used to examine how fraud can be prevented and what means employers have to detect and penalize fraud in a legal manner.

Particular attention is paid to the possibility of recovery of the damage suffered and to the recent developments in the case-law regarding the admissibility of evidence obtained: what about the evidence of fraud if, before obtaining it, the establishment of a control system did not respect all the formalities prescribed by law?

Book Cover: Misdrijven Op Het Werk - Kristof Sallet

Guest Speaker - Jorg Van Impe

Jorg Van Impe is a regular guest speaker at seminars:

  • Dexia – “Law of 31.01.2009 on the continuity of businesses”
  • VOKA West Flanders – “Legal and tax structures when doing business in Russia and Ukraine with a case study on the role of Cyprus”